List of Winners

1. Year 2010
Winners of the 2009-2010 travel awards
Name Country Project
Rosslynne Waiyigo Kiragu Kenya Water purification at Elimu daycare kindergarten
Shankar Musafir India Urban Jungle
Kimberley Smith England Early Years ESD – A case study of children’s centre
Theodora Avgeri Greece Working together – Acting together World Environment Day
Agapi Liapaki Greece The Polar Bear Project
2. Year 2011
Winners of the 2010-2011 travel awards
Name Country Project
Winners of the 2010-2011 travel awards China ESD in Science Education
Eunhye Park Korea Keeper of Green Earth
3. Year 2012
The winners of the 2011-12 travel awards
Name Country Project
Micheli Alves Machado Brazil Educacão na infância para a Sustentabilidade
Adriana Stoller Argentina Primera Infancia en el Siglo XXI: Derechos de los Niños a vivir, jugar,
explorar y conocer el mundo
Alice Medina Brazil Los jugetes que han nacido en el patio de la sostenibilidad
4. Year 2014
The winners of the 2013-14 travel awards
Name Country Project
Dr Libby-Lee Hammond,
Dr Sandra Hesterman,
Dr Marianne Knaus and Mrs Mary Vajda
Australia Children’s ideas about families’ access to food
from a perspective of wealth and poverty
Jocelyn Uribe and Verónica Romo Chile Protección de la Madre Tierra
(Protecting Mother Earth)
Mercy Murugi Macharia Kenya Matarajio: Gender equality in Kenya
Jarmila Sobotova Slovak Republic All the children of the world
5. Year 2015
Winners of the 2014-2015 travel awards
Name Country Project
Glynne Mackey New Zealand Loving the place where you belong:
ecological identity
Childcare Centre
Korea Children grow at a vegetable garden
Rodrigues Cristina
Arto. Gabriela
Roxana Cardarelli
Ludovico Grillo
Argentina Education for a Sustainable World:
EDS Technology Project
Guangheng Wang

Xin Zhou
China How to prepare teachers to incorporate ESD
into their daily work with young children:
from the experiences of Shanghai
kindergarten teachers
Rigmor Sletten
Cecilie Hella
Jaemie Walde
Norway A Musical Production that Promotes Global
Social Fairness in Blaklokka Barnehage
Paulette Luff
Zoe Miles
UK The Bat Conservation Project. ESD resources
for Teacher Training created via the OMEP
UK pre-school partnership with ALDERHOLT
Gustavo Riestra Uruguay The scientific curiosity in early childhood:
something that should be life-long
6. Year 2016
Name Country Project
5 researchers
Greece Children’s curiosity finds solutions for energy:
a project for renewable and non-renewable energy
sources for early childhood children
Lilian Atieno
Kenya Water conservation in Kenya
Puttikul Patcharaporn

Udomluck Kulapichitr
Thailand Education for Sustainable development in
Thailand World Heritage site: Evidence based and
Place based learning instructional model for
enhancing environmentally responsible behavior
of kindergarteners
Elizabeth Ivaldi

OMEP Uruguay
Uruguay Building a sustainable school
Valene Martinez USA ESD From cradle through College and Beyond:
We’re in this together! Group
7. Year 2017
Name Country Project
Diane Boyd UK Embedding ESD within the Context of Policy and
Practice within the in Early Childhood Education
in England-developing an Early Childhood ESD
pedagogical framework
New New Aung Myanmar Upgrading Capacity of preschool children,
Early Childhood Teachers and Educators in Myanmar
on Education for Sustainable Development by
understanding of The OMEP ERS-SDEC
Ewa Lewandowska Poland How to begin Change-Campaign for ESD in early
education in Poland- the beginning
Erica Figueroa Ana Caneva Argentina Municipal schools of the local government of the City of Santa Fe:
a policy for sustainable development focused on early childhood
Older Bustos Vera Argentina I am responsible of the transformation of healthy educational spaces for the community:
“Las Abegitas de Santa Babara ”
8. Year 2018
Name Country Project
Neda Grbin Croatia Menu with taste and smell of Mediterranean
Heejin Kim
Hoewook Chung
Eunyoung Kim
Chowon Lee
Hyeyoon Choi
Republic of Korea The Red Goat Project
Marina Bachmann
Kate Harris
Zane McCarthy
New Zealand Exploring gender neutral curriculum/culture
Beatriz Elena Zapata Ospina Colombia Development of Scientific Skills in Early Childhood in the framework of Education for Sustainable Development
Jeanete Franco N. (Head of the Communication Department and Citizen Participation and Mitzi Bown
(Head of Design and the Education Area)
Chile Children, the future conscious citizen and the guardians
of our plant and livestock heritage
10. Year 2022
Name Country Project
Diane Boyd, Janet King, Stacy Mann, Joe Neame, Angela Scollan, Naomi McLeod United Kingdom 2022 Early childhood education for sustainability - SDG / STEM resource
Oyindamola Sonola, Tokunbo Doherty, Funsho Chikezie, Tutu Odlélola Nigeria 2022 activity based, low cost initiative – from waste to experiential play, learning and development
Tania do Amaral Gomes, Carline Susan de Castro, Eloina Aparecida da Silva Brazil 2022 Nice at the Lagoon – De Boa na Lagona
Misun Kim Korea 2022 To us, by us and for our change
Şebnem Feriver and colleagues Turkey 2021 Children as system thinkers: Exploring water with education for sustainable development