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The purpose of this study was to find out how the awareness of young children about the park was changed during the ‘park project’ for ESD. For the purpose, the park project was performed in the 5-year-old class of three kindergartens. The participants of this study were the researcher, the 5-year-old class children and three teachers of the kindergartens. In the case of the children, three children among 5-year-old class were selected as proof of the change process of children’s awareness about the park with related materials. The children’s age was in the middle of 5 year old class of each kindergarten. The data was collected through the teachers" daily log and study diary, the meeting recordings of the researcher and the three teachers, and the children’s portfolio during the park project. With all this data, as a qualitative analysis, intra analysis was first performed and then inter analysis. The result of this study was that the young children’s awareness about the park was changed from very simple level like ‘the park is for eating snack’ or incorrect awareness like ‘for the enjoying place that can play with big play apparatus’ in stage 1 to the high level like ‘we should take care of the park with love’ as a community member in stage 5. Based on the study result, three points were discussed related to the method of application of ESD in early childhood.

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    Sustainable cities and human settlements
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